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more"Each new generation tends to forget the history of the one that preceded it," write Mike Vance and John Nova Lomax in the preface to their new book, "Murder & Mayhem in Houston." In writing about gruesome crimes, they say, they tried "to spotlight stories that have slipped into the recesses of this city's gargantuan memory hole."Jazz Age America was gripped by the epic trial of Leopold and Loeb, two well-heeled Jewish teens from Chicago who kidnapped and murdered a young friend just because they wanted to attempt the perfect crime.

To save them from the death penalty, their families hired Clarence Darrow, then America's most famous and eloquent defense attorney.

There was also a case where a mysterious man wearing all green and a cap that concealed all of his face except for his red beard.

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To mitigate his punishment, Goldberg's parents hired Dick De Guerin, Houston's most famous and eloquent defense attorney. Silverio, age 54, was already dead, splayed on the floor with 1.7 liters of blood pooled inside her lifeless body.

It is just one light (bluish in color) and if you try to drive towards it goes away.

Turn the car around so that it is facing the cemetery.

Church elders failed to promptly inform law enforcement of sexual abuse of children, as required by state law.

Church policy, according to internal documents, states that religious matters within the community are not “the proper province, of the corporate State and its investigative, police and judicial services.” In fact, our investigation has exposed a litany of tragedy: families broken apart, child abuse and allegations of mind control, cover-ups and secrecy.

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